3 ways Houston Texans C.J. Stroud can shine against the Pittsburgh Steelers

Houston Texans
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C.J. Stroud had a great game last week against the Jacksonville Jaguars. In a game that many, myself included, had strong doubts the Texans could win, Stroud proved everyone wrong. He completed 20 of 30 passes, for 280 yards and no interceptions. Stroud has 121 pass attempts this season, sixth sixth-highest in the league, and has not thrown an interception (knock on wood).

On the year, he's over 900 yards, four touchdowns, and zero interceptions, which makes him the first rookie quarterback in NFL history to start a season in this fashion. He'll need to do more of the same as the Pittsburgh Steelers will be looking to knock him off his horse this week.

I have concerns that the Texans' offensive line woes will haunt the Texans at some point but so far, Stroud has not appeared to be rattled by any pressure from opposing defenses. He'll be facing T.J. Watt though and he might be the best pass-rusher in the league. What can Stroud do this week to counter that pressure and shine? Well, glad you asked, let's get into it.