Houston Texans: 5 reasons JJ Watt is a sure-fire NFL Hall of Famer

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JJ. Watt will always be remembered as one of the greatest players to suit up for the Houston Texans and now with his induction into the Texans' Ring of Honor, let's first congratulate him and take a look back at his incredible career.

I don't think too many will argue that Watt will and should be a first-ballot NFL Hall of Famer. He has numerous individual accolades, but some fans might say, "Well he never won a Super Bowl". But then again, there are tons of NFL greats that never won a Super Bowl, so let's not let that fact get in the way of recognizing Watt's greatness.

Putting together this list was not easy, given all the memorable moments but these five instances in Watt's career are exactly why I believe he is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait five years for it to happen but in the meantime, we can still honor him and the Houston Texans are doing just that with his induction into their Ring of Honor.

The Houston Texans Ring of Honor is a very short list. In fact, one of our Toro Times writers recently wrote about it, and former wide receiver Andre Johnson and Texans' owner Robert McNair previously received this honor.

For all that Watt has done for not only the team but his off-the-field contributions as well, this is a well-deserved honor for not only one of the greatest Texans but one of the greatest defensive players to ever play in the NFL.