Houston Texans: 6 players to watch at mini-camp

Houston Texans
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Nico Collins – Wide Receiver

A lot has already been said this offseason about the possibility of a breakout season from Collins, despite being paired with a rookie quarterback.  While many have high expectations for Collins, as he enters his third year in the league, there are still some who doubt if he can be a true number one receiver.

I’m a big fan of Collins and believe he has the talent to be a number one receiver, perhaps not at the level of Justin Jefferson or Ja’mar Chase but still as solid number one.  My concern with him having a “breakout” season is Stroud and the offense in general.

That’s not to say the offense won’t be good but I think Coach Ryans will lean on their running game while developing Stroud, not to mention the team will be learning a new passing game with yet another offensive coordinator.

The hope is Collins can become a dependable target for Stroud, which I believe he will.  During mini-camp and we’ll be keeping an eye on how these two develop the chemistry and grow within this new offense.

The Texans’ future appears promising at this point of the offseason; however, once mini-camp begins and practice is a little more than a walk-through in shorts, we won’t start to see just how promising.  I’m looking forward to seeing what this team will look like in 2023 and this week will be our first real look at them.

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