Houston Texans: 3 reasons to believe the Texans already have a number one receiver

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His physical traits 

Nico Collins has the exact build you want from a number-one wide receiver. He has size at 6 '4" and weighs 218 pounds. He's fast, as his 4.45, 40-yard dash is faster than DeAndre Hopkins, Mike Williams, new Texans rookie Tank Dell and even Stefon Diggs, to name a few. His 34⅛ inch arms and vertical jump of 37½ inches make him an ideal deep shot and red zone threat. 

Had Collins been targeted more in college, he could’ve easily been a top 50 selection. Per PFF, half of Collins's total snaps in college were spent putting his frame to good use run blocking.

Several draft analysts pounded the table for TCU wide receiver Quentin Johnston due in part to his size and speed. Johnston stands at 6 '3" and 208 pounds, with a 4.49, 40-yard dash. Collins is bigger and faster than Johnston. Collins also has shown consistently on tape his ability to make contested catches, and Johnston often tries to make catches with his body, which led to drops throughout his collegiate career.

We can best compare Nico Collins to current Chargers wide receiver Mike Williams. Williams was lauded for his frame and contested catchability coming out of Clemson, which was a big reason why he was selected in the top ten. Williams is 6 '4" and weighs 215 pounds. He ran a 4.59, 40-yard dash but has made his living in the NFL as a big-play threat.

If those other receivers could be drafted in the first round and lauded for their large catch radius, speed, and jump ability, Why can't we look at Nico Collins as having similarly elite traits?