5 Houston Texan players playing for their jobs this preseason

Houston Texans
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Davis Mills – Quarterback

I know some fans won’t agree with this opinion but the team brought in Case Keenum to not only be a mentor to Stroud but also to be his backup.  Part of the QB2’s role on a roster is to help the starter prepare and get ready for game day.  Keenum fits that mold far better than Mills, who is still a young player in this league.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I can see Mills not making the 53-man roster; however, the team would undoubtedly add him to their practice squad.  This is what I think ultimately happens and makes the most sense.  Now Mills might go out there and continue to have an impressive preseason and maybe that changes the minds of the coaches, but this job is Stroud’s to lose.

Most teams don’t carry three quarterbacks on the 53-man roster, so one of these three is the odd man out and I see that being Mills.  It’s really the perfect scenario too.  Keep Mills on the practice squad in 2023, you have Keenum to back up and mentor Stroud during his rookie year, then you bring Mills back in 2024 as the backup to Stroud.

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