Hassan Reddick could be a great fit for the Houston Texans

Hassan Reddick wants out of Philadelphia , and the Houston Texans would be a perfect landing spot.
Philadelphia Eagles v Houston Texans
Philadelphia Eagles v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

It looks like the Philadelphia Eagles and Hassan Riddick may be on their way to a parting of ways. Even if Riddick isn't exactly asking for it. News first broke a few days ago of the Pro Bowl linebacker allegedly asking for a trade from the Eagles. The Eagles have been in a tailspin in recent months, looking like the team to beat in the NFC and all but falling apart at the seams down the stretch.

A big reason for that was their defense. A defense that may look to reshuffle things. Though, if you ask Riddick, he isn't the one looking to part ways with the Eagles, whom he signed two seasons prior after a brief stint with the Carolina Panthers.

Now, looking for the fourth team of his career, Riddick isn't against moving on, and if that's the case, the Houston Texans may want to seriously consider him going forward. The Texans are a team that is in desperate need of both linebackers and pass rushing for the 2024 season and Riddick could fill those needs.

While the Eagles run some different packages and have different philosophies than the Texans, Riddick would be a huge addition to the linebacking corp, especially if the Texans intend to blitz more in the upcoming season. Even if they don't, Riddick is 6'1, and well over 240 lbs, he could easily line up on the defensive line in pass-rushing situations if they have to.

This isn't the same NFL as it was a few decades ago, guys can play multiple positions on the field at the same time. Now, Riddick makes sense due to positional need and situational outcome desires; they need linebackers and sacks, Riddick does both, yet he won't be cheap. If he doesn't restructure his current salary, he alone could cost the Texans around $20 million.

That figure would likely be paid down some by the Eagles and there can be some adjustments on when the rest of the money is owed, but still, Riddick isn't going to be cheap. But he could be very useful. The Texans need to consider him.

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