Does free agent wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins make sense for the Texans

Houston Texans
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Houston Texans
Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Would Hopkins want to come back? 

This question is the place in which I'm most skeptical. Hopkins recently appeared on the "I am Athlete" podcast with former NFL receiver Brandon Marshall and Ashley Nicole Moss and named his top five quarterbacks he wanted to play for. Most of them have already been mentioned in this article. But, unfortunately, the Houston Texans were not on that list by way of rookie quarterback CJ Stroud.

While reports claim he is interested in Houston and has visited with Houston this off-season, coming to Houston makes little sense if he wants to win. So while I'd like to tell you the Houston Texans are Super Bowl bound, it's not rooted in reality. There is potential to shock the world, but it's dependent upon numerous variables being aced by the team.

Robert Woods recently claimed that this franchise looks similar to the 2017 Rams in terms of coaching style and the energy around the building, but again, we might not be two years away from a Super Bowl appearance. So yes, bringing in Hopkins increases our Super Bowl odds, but in no way should he think his presence launches us above the Bills, Chiefs, or Bengals in the AFC. 

If Hopkins is interested in returning to Houston, no matter this reasoning, he would be a massive help in the development of CJ Stroud. Adding him to the list of additions the Texans have made this off-season would be icing on the cake. Furthermore, if the Texans could sign him for a reasonable deal similar to Brandin Cooks' contract, the Texans would cap off arguably the most exciting offseason in franchise history.

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