Does C.J Stroud's expectations to start Sunday secure a playoff berth for the Houston Texans?

Houston Texans v New York Jets
Houston Texans v New York Jets / Al Pereira/GettyImages

In the upcoming crucial matchup against the Titans, the Houston Texans find themselves at a pivotal juncture in their quest for a playoff berth. Challenges throughout the season make extending the season difficult - but not impossible. A strategic move significantly improves their chances of defeating the Tennessee Titans this weekend. Starting C.J. Stroud at quarterback will give Houston an advantage, but is he available to take the field?

An impressive rookie season is helping Stroud become a household name. He’s achieved accolades that distinguished gunslingers require time to accomplish in a short time. Efficient efforts against the Jacksonville Jaguars (85.8), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (91.1), and Cincinnati Bengals (82.0) were convincing and showed glimpses of greatness. His consistency sprung a three-game win streak. The first-round pick has emerged as a role player in Bobby Slowik’s scheme and an X-Factor on the field.

It’s difficult to produce efficient results without a catalyst. The Texans are experiencing this firsthand. They’ve played two games without their starting quarterback due to the NFL’s concussion protocol. Stroud’s health is the priority, and we are glad he’s recovering. The outcome could’ve been worse. The playoff hunt adds urgency that Houston must acknowledge as the season closes. It forced fans to ponder why Stroud’s recovery could stretch into a third game.

The Texans are not hopeless without Stroud, but he does increase the chances of winning. Case Keenum and Davis Mills are decent options to rely on, but are they enough to secure a playoff berth? Inconsistencies in recent weeks cannot go unnoticed. The Texans expect to compete in the playoffs. If C.J. Strouds makes Bobby Slowik’s offense dominant, his replacements should make them slightly above average. Expectations for Houston’s backup gunslingers are not based on their previous accomplishments but on the severity of the situation. The Texans can clinch a playoff berth. Is C.J. Strouds that much of a difference-maker?

We expect stand-out players to make imprints that others cannot. It adds value to their presence. There will always be someone to fill in for the X-Factor, but can he produce similar results in dire situations? The Houston Texans realize C.J. Stroud’s presence is necessary for success, and they expect him to play this weekend against the Teneesee Titans. He told members of the media Thursday he will start after his two game hiatus. "It was tough, But my team, they held it down as best as they could and I appreciate that" he stated. "It was tough but we're through it now and I'm excited to play."

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