Andre Johnson deserves to be the first Houston Texans player in the NFL Hall of Fame

Andre Johnson truly was the first great player the Houston Texans ever had.
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The Houston Texans have only been around for 21 years, and along that time they've seen quite a few big time players come through their organization. They're currently in an era where several young stars are coming up and making a name for themselves, guys like Tank Dell, C.J. Stroud, Will Anderson Jr and others, and if all goes according to plan, they'll be seen as all-time greats by the Houston-faithful.

Will they be Hall of Famers one day? Who can say right now? The Texans are a team that has boundless potential, but are still too young to know where their ceiling will end up being. That said, the Texans do have a history or producing some truly great players.

Not all of them are Hall of Famers, but the team has seen the likes of Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, Mario Williams, Jadeveon Clowney, J.J. Watt, DeAndre Hopkins and Brian Cushing all come through their doors. Some of those men will take the jacket one day in Canton, but not everyone will.

To be in the Hall of Fame is to be one of the few all-time greats. And for the Texans, they've never had anyone put on that jacket before. That may change with Johnson, who is now the first Texans player ever to be a finalist for the NFL Hall of Fame. He's likely to get in and if he does, he will be a worthy player to represent the franchise as its first Hall of Famer.

He is among the team's best, and most well-respected players that it ever had. He's avoided major scandal unlike someone like Cushing, and he stayed loyal to the team unlike guys like Clowney or Williams. Not only was he loyal and long-serving, but he was easily one of the best players for a long period of time. Only falling off over his last few years.

The only player who could really make a case for being the first Texans' player inducted will be Watt himself, a future Hall of Famer in his own right. That said, Watt just retired this season, meaning he still has four more seasons before he's even eligible.

Both men are worthy entrees for the Hall of Fame, and to represent the Texans first, but Johnson retired far before Watt, and so Johnson has the right to go in first. Aside from Watt, no player better represented the Texans' franchise over its first 21 seasons.

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