Do the Houston Texans have history on their side in the 2024 NFL Draft?

Is recent history on the Houston Texans side for the upcoming NFL Draft?

2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3
2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3 / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Houston Texans have eight draft picks in this year's 2024 NFL Draft, and these picks are going to need to be successful early and often. The team has a hoard of free agents they have to decide if they're going to re-sign, and if not, then try and find players in the NFL draft to replace the lost talent. Sure they'll have the UFL to scout for some inexpensive free agents and who knows how much cap room they'll have come free agency but the draft is going to be used to try and get at least three starters from the 2024 draft class.

It worked for them last year, with C.J. Stroud, Tank Dell, and Will Anderson all decisively earning starting positions on the team going forward, and others like Juice Scruggs and Henry To'oTo'o earning a lot of playing time, but with a lot still to prove.

The Texans are in need of help on the offensive line, at tight end, at running back, and at every position on defense. They have holes and they need to hope the draft can help them fill those areas of need. The problem is, what are the odds the selections they have this year turn out well?

The Texans have picks No. 23, 59, 86, 123, 127, 235, 244, and 248 this year, but how did the previous years' players at those positions do?

The 23rd pick was WR Jordan Addison to the Minnesota Vikings, and he put up 900+ yards as a rookie and nearly had a 70 grade on PFF (for what that's worth. So he was solid. Yet, 59th pick O'Cyrus Torrence played quite poorly as a rookie, amassing a PFF grade of just 56.0, despite playing over 1,000 snaps for the Buffalo Bills.

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Trenton Simpson, the 86th pick, played minimally but played well when given a chance. The same can't be said for 123rd pick Cameron Youn who went to the Seattle Seahawks. They needed Young to be a strong defensive tackle but he was bullied around a lot and didn't offer much in his limited action.

The 244th pick, wide receiver Jalen Brooks, barely got action with the Dallas Cowboys, while quarterback Jake Haener the 127th pick, never saw the field for the New Orleans Saints. Lew Nichols, the Green Bay Packers pick at No. 235, isn't even on the roster anymore, instead currently signed by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Ironically, the 248th pick was owned by the Texans last year, and they selected Brandon Hill, who really didn't see any action last season.

If trends repeat themselves, and they should, as the draft is pretty consistent with what type of players can be found where (with the obvious exceptions), the Texans can probably land two solid starters with the picks they have. Though they could always add more, or get fewer, it all depends on who falls where and if the coaching staff can get more out of the talent they're given.

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