Do the Houston Texans have a harder home or away schedule this year?

The Houston Texans have the seventh-strongest schedule in the NFL but which portion will be harder, home or away?
Houston Texans Mandatory Minicamp
Houston Texans Mandatory Minicamp / Tim Warner/GettyImages

On May 12th the schedule for the Houston Texans was released, and that's when fans found out that the Texans will be playing nine away games this year. This isn't bad, they will be playing one more away game than home games.

One thing that is a common factor among pretty much all sports is that it's easier to win at home than it is to travel into enemy territory. But still, it doesn't matter as much if you're playing one of the low-end teams.

For their home schedule, the toughest teams they will play are the Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins, and the Baltimore Ravens. All four of these teams are considered contenders right now according to various outlets. Not to mention all of these teams made the playoffs in the 2023 season. The hardest team to beat of those four is undoubtedly the Ravens.

Lamar Jackson is coming off a MVP season, and they were able to add running back Derrick Henry to their backfield, I just don't know how a defense could stop a read option between the two. This Ravens team looks pretty scary, and that's why they are the hardest team for the Texans at home.

Another team that they will be playing at home is the Chicago Bears. This is going to be an interesting team, as last season they weren't exactly good but they have made some moves over the offseason. These moves have made some fans believe that they might be decent in 2024. I do think even if the Bears do happen to be good, the Texans play them early enough, in Week 2, to where they most likely won't be too much of a problem.

Now for the away games the toughest teams they will play are the Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, and Kansas City Chiefs. I am not going to waste any time, the Chiefs will be the hardest away game. Coming off winning the Superbowl two years in a row, and then the atmosphere the Chiefs fans bring to the stadium, it is probably the hardest place to travel to and win in the NFL. The other two teams, the Cowboys and Packers, are both very good too. These two teams played each other in the playoffs last season, with the Packers coming out on top.

With all of these games, I do believe that the home schedule is harder between the two. I mean having to play four top-of-the-line teams is not easy. The easiest home game that they have this year is probably against either the Indianapolis Colts or the Tennesee Titans. After looking into this schedule I can see why they are ranked seventh as far as strength of schedule goes.

They will be playing some pretty good teams, some that I would argue the Texans are going to be better than. But even with this schedule, they should still end up with a record that accurately represents how good they are.