Houston Texans' quarterbacks, who makes the 53-man roster

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To many Houston Texans fans, they will say it's obvious how the depth chart at the quarterback position should be laid out. I tend to agree, but here we are to lay it out for you anyways. The one unknown is what the team will do with Davis Mills.

Who's the starting quarterback for the Houston Texans?

This is one of those age-old questions among NFL fans, coaches, and GMs, should a rookie quarterback start right away, or let him sit a year? I think it comes down to the team around the quarterback. If there is solid protection upfront, a good run game to support, and adequate weapons around him, he should start immediately.

This isn't as simple as some may think. Sure, the fans want the shiny new toy in C.J. Stroud, but should he start right away as a rookie? Perhaps Case Keenum should get the nod to start the season. There are benefits to starting either one, but if the Texans feel they have a solid offensive line and weapons to support the rookie, let Stroud start.

Texans starting quarterback.