David Bakhtiari makes all the sense in the world for the Houston Texans

David Bakhtiari makes all the sense in the world for the Houston Texans

Houston Texans v Green Bay Packers
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The Houston Texans should sign David Bakhtiari. Don't react just yet, believe me, it's not the easiest idea to swallow. He's old, 32, and he's been beaten up, considerably. Yet, the Texans offensive line is a mess and they need to do everything they can to bolster it. The running game was one of the worst in the NFL last season, and it's only going to get worse with Joe Mixon in the backfield. If you want Mixon to actually have a good season, he's going to need better blockers.

But the offense got lucky that C.J. Stroud wasn't more banged up than he was. The team can't afford to make any major moves to the offensive line this offseason and plugging in a major name at right tackle, opposite Laremy Tunsil, is the move. Heck, maybe Tunsil plays right and Bakhtiari plays left. It doesn't matter who plays where, it just matters that the Texans go get Bakhtiari.

Why Bakhtiari, though? Well, for a few obvious reasons.

Firstly, when he's healthy, he's a great player. He's an upgrade over everyone the Texans have had the opposite of Tunsil since Tunsil arrived in Houston. Yes, we're even considering his potential regression. He's still that much better than the other options the team has had.

Secondly, he's not going to be expensive. He's been injured most of the last three seasons and if he's hoping for one more shot, he's going to take a much reduced contract. He's not likely to get an eight-figure deal. You could probably land him for a pretty nominal price and if he's that inexpensive, even with his injury history, how could you not take a shot on him?

And lastly, there really aren't a lot of great options at tackle in free agency. He's easily one of the (potentially) better options. Assuming he stays healthy. If he's not that expensive, how can you say no to a man who has the potential to be an All-Pro? Let's give it a shot, what's the worst thing that happens? What, the Texans have to go an entire season without him?

They've been doing that already, so why not?