Danielle Hunter helps move the needle on the Houston Texans offseason but more work is needed

Danielle Hunter is an upgrade over Jonathan Greenard, but the team still has more work they need to do.
Minnesota Vikings v Dallas Cowboys
Minnesota Vikings v Dallas Cowboys / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The Houston Texans finally made a major splash this week when they signed multi-time Pro Bowler Danielle Hunter. Hunter, who is 29, spent his entire career with the Vikings, where he amassed four Pro Bowls during his tenure with the franchise. During his tenure, he was arguably the best defensive end the Vikings, had and proved that by racking up five double-digit sack seasons.

Now he's in Houston, looking to pair with the team's all-around standout, Will Anderson. The move was a major one for the Texans, who seemingly fumbled away major signing after major signing and even regressed at a few positions (running back and linebacker) as opposed to where they were the year prior.

Now, however, Hunter brings a much-needed player who has both the name value fans wanted and the talent the team needs. It's a good move and one that has raised the overall vibe for the club's offseason so far, but if we're being fair, if this is it, it's not enough.

The club has wasted a lot of money on bad or mediocre players, many of whom they could find better versions of in the upcoming NFL Draft. That's why the Hunter signing is so important, because he's the first player they obtained who is an immediate and obvious upgrade over his predecessor, Jonathan Greenard.

The Texans can't stop there, however. The offensive line needs to be overhauled, and the linebacking corp is still shallow and fairly weak. That's not even addressing the defensive backs situation. Someone like Jeff Okudah should never have gotten a contract, let alone for almost $5 million. This was a fundamentally bad signing by someone who in four seasons has never played good football.

He's a top-three pick in the 2020 NFL Draft and is now on his third team in five seasons. He's clearly a bust. Now, he's young enough that maybe he can be something, but you bring him on a minimum contract; not $4.75 million.

There are rumors that Arik Armstead may be interested in the Texans, and the Texans are certainly interested in him, so if he wants to come to Houston to play defensive tackle, then we can start re-thinking early evaluation of this free agent class. That said, even Armstead won't help the hurt the Texans caused by lowballing Saqoun Barkley.

A move so obvious we're still surprised they fumbled it. The Texans need more Hunter signings and fewer Okudahs.