Could the Houston Texans lose some of their better offensive linemen?

We said some of the Houston Texans' best, not actually good linemen.

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The Houston Texans had a bevy of free agents who are looking for new homes this offseason. Some of whom are coming from the offensive line, positions of great importance that desperately need to be overhauled and upgraded heading into 2024. Nothing ruins a young quarterback faster than a mediocre or worse offensive line. Just look at David Carr.

The Texans really shouldn't re-sign a single player from this past year's offensive line, at least those who have an expiring contract. We're on board with keeping Laremy Tunsil, but aside from the perennial Pro bowler, there isn't a single guy on that line who deserves to be retained. Not after how bad the offensive line was for this season.

Yet, there are those out there who not only think the Texans had some really good offensive linemen but are writing articles about bringing them in. Our sister site, Bear Goggles On (what a name), whore an article about three free agents the Bears should sign from the Texans. This seems to be a series of articles that features free agents from each team, not necessarily because these three names leaped out at them.

They cite George Fant, Josh Jones, and Michael Deiter as names the Bears should sign from the Texans, and we have no problem with that. Fant and Deiter were starters for most of the year and were average at best. Granted, they are some of the Texans best at their respective positions and that's sort of the issue. They were our better options but they weren't "good". Bringing them back to Houston shouldn't be an option, not with Pro Bowlers on the market.

Nor with a host of draft picks in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft. The Texans have got to do better than falling into the trappings of re-signing mediocre players with the idea that they can somehow play better than they did. Especially at their respective ages.

If the Bears faithful want to see their club land them, we support that.