Colin Cowherd just picked the Houston Texans to finish first in the AFC South...we're doomed

Colin Cowherd picked the Houston Texans to finish first, we're all doomed.
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens / Kirby Lee/GettyImages

Leave it to Colin Cowherd to ruin the fun. Easily the most dismissed commentator in the world of sports media, Cowherd has made it a point to be a professional contrarian. Whether he's insulting Baker Mayfield for no reason or going in on J.J. Reddick for wearing a hat backward, this is a man that many would call unserious.

Us chief among them. He has such a history of boneheaded predictions that we're all but forced to cringe whenever he talks positively about one of our teams. Something he did on a recent edition of his show on Fox Sports 1. While talking about the teams he likes the most to be preseason favorites for the divisions, he labeled the Houston Texans as the team he really likes in the AFC South.

He picked them recently to finish at the top of a division and if this was any other man, we'd be celebrating that others see the potential of this club. Sadly, that's not what's happening here. As if Cowherd likes someone or something, it's very likely going to end badly.

Think we're being overly dramatic? Well, keep in mind that Cowherd once told the entire world that C.J. Stroud is not "talented enough" to lead the Texans to the playoffs. Easily the worst take he had about the Texans in 2023. Maybe of the year overall.

So if Cowherd is sitting here repping the Texans, then clearly they did something wrong. Cowherd has become the Sports Illustrated cover curse of modern sports franchises. When he sides with your squad, doom and misery often follow.

Now, we're being facetious, clearly, Cowherd liking the Texans isn't going to doom the team. Sometimes a broken clock is right twice a day and that's what's happening here. Cowherd isn't putting his curse on the Texans, he just sees the team for how good they are. Nothing bad is going to happen from him saying he likes us to win the AFC South.