C.J. Stroud ranks pretty high according to CBS but does he rank high enough?

Is C.J. Stroud high enough?
Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars
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C.J. Stroud is the next young quarterback to take a seat at the table of the elite. A stellar rookie season saw him absolutely wreck opposing teams, rarely turning the ball over in the process. He became the catalyst for the best Texans offense in some time, if not ever. He truly took the next step from rookie starter to All-Pro caliber guy.

His rookie heroics have him in the conversation among some of the best players at his position in the NFL. A conversation we're mostly in agreement with. The NFL has a lot of good quarterbacks, but the position isn't as deep as it was a decade ago. So it's a lot easier for a guy like Stroud to bypass a lot of names, admittedly.

Yet, saying he's a Top 10 caliber quarterback is one thing, but saying he's a Top 5 quarterback is a whole other thing to say. Yet, CBS did just that, and honestly? We agree with them. They had Stroud at No. 5, with only Joe Burrow, Josh Allen, Brock Purdy, and Patrick Mahomes ahead of him (in that order).

All guys I think are Top 10 quarterbacks. That said, I don't think Stroud is high enough. Granted, we're talking a difference of a spot, but we still think that's enough. I will firmly agree that Mahomes is the number one quarterback, followed by Allen, and Burrow at number two and three. I don't think Purdy is the second-best quarterback in the league or even the Top 5. He's certainly not ahead of Stroud.

Though, I wouldn't have him much lower. I think Stroud is the fourth-best quarterback behind Mahomes, Allen, and Burrow, but I would have Purdy at six.

It's hard to argue that Lamar Jackson, after the year he had, isn't also in the Top 5. He is the reigning MVP, even If I didn't think he deserved it over Christian McCaffery. I think that counts for something, so my Top 6 would be.

1. Patrick Mahomes
2. Josh Allen
3. Joe Burrow
4. C.J. Stroud
5. Lamar Jackson
6. Brock Purdy.