C.J. Stroud is single-handedly giving the Dallas Cowboys "L's" this offseason

C.J. Stroud is giving the Dallas Cowboys a taste of things to come.
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C.J. Stroud put the Houston Texans on the NFL map last season. Not only did he raise the team to a brand new level that they've rarely seen before, but he also helped elevate the Texans in the state of Texas. The Cowboys have long been the go-to team in the state of Dallas but the tide seems to be switching some.

The Cowboys have a nasty reputation of choking in the playoffs, and their owner, Jerry Jones, has a nasty reputation surrounding him for years of mismanagement on and off the football field. It's clear that the Texans, at least outside of the city of Dallas, are the new top team in Texas, but that will only truly be certified if the Texans out-succeed the Cowboys.

Regular season records, head-to-head encounters, playoff wins, and of course, Super Bowl titles. The era of the Cowboys being *that team* is long gone, nearly 30 years past that point. It's time for a new team in Texas to rise up and take the mantle.

And if you don't think the Texans can just watch Texans Pro Bowl quarterback cook Micha Parsons in a new clip that's gone semi-viral on Twitter/X.

Via the House of Highlights outlet, Stroud is seen cooking Cowboys All-Pro linebacker Parsons as if he were a piece of brisket, telling the Cowboy player that he was delusional for thinking he could score 20 points in an NBA game, but then dropping the best line in Texans history;

"He’s a Cowboy. He’s a Cowboy, he’s naturally delusional."

C.J. Stroud

Stroud has clearly made waves as the starter of the Texans but none more so than his ability to elevate the Texans past the Cowboys. in 2024, the team with the best roster to make the playoffs and defeat the Kansas City Chiefs aren't the Cowboys, it's the Texans.

And while it's obvious Parsons and Stroud are friends off the field, here they are training in a sumo gym in Tokyo, Japan, it's also clear that Stroud is taking any of Parson's nonsense.

Stroud has given the Cowboys, a team who is apparently going "all in" on this season, their second biggest L of the offseason. Right after Jones' comments' on the team going "all in" and then, not.