Bleacher Report commits a false start when picking the Houston Texans' most important contract extension

Being the better player doesn't make you the most important one.
Houston Texans Mandatory Minicamp
Houston Texans Mandatory Minicamp / Tim Warner/GettyImages

There's no doubt that the Houston Texans are in a very advantageous and unique scenario. The team doesn't have any major players who are a year away from free agency. None who aren't Stefon Diggs, that is. He's the only high-profile name that the Texans have just a final year with before his contract expires and he's free to find a new team as he sees fit.

Everyone else is either on prove-it types of deals or a middle-tier starter. Necessary, but replaceable. So it makes sense that Bleacher Report would name Diggs as the most important contract extension, he's the only player on the team with any notable name value.

The former All-Pro with the Buffalo Bills had three more years on his deal before being traded, but the Texans voided those final years for a list of reasons. Some believe it's a safety net in case Diggs burns bridges in Houston the way he did in Buffalo (and before that with the Minnesota Vikings). Others believe it was the only way Diggs wouldn't cause a problem and potentially hold out. Give him the option of leaving after one year, and ensure he arrives in time for training camp.

Whatever the reason for the voiding, Diggs is here and is the biggest pending free agent.

So we get why Bleacher Report would name him as the most important player to extend this offseason, but I don't agree. There are three names that I believe provide far more impact to the team than Diggs. While Diggs is the most talented of any name I'm about to mention, what Diggs provides the team isn't as scarce. The team already has two receivers capable of being All-Pro talents. Diggs, in turn, is a luxury. Other players on this team may prove to be very vital, due to how limited the position groups in which they're a part of are.

Derek Barnett and Desmond King stand out as returning players who could be getting new deals. Both men are veterans and could be huge assets for the Texans this year. If they are, it's likely they both get new deals, considering how thin the defensive line is at the moment, especially at tackle, and how unsure the cornerback position is.

Myles Bryant, who just came over from the New England Patriots, could find himself starting very soon depending on how other players develop around him. The Texans have concerns about a cornerback and Bryant is a solid option in New England, so if he can stabilize the position next to Derek Stingley Jr. then Bryant will be on a new deal in no time.

Diggs, regardless of how well he does, isn't a name many expect to stick around after 2024. It's something the Texans are comfortable with, otherwise they wouldn't have voided his contract. If they're not worried about him walking, you can't say he's a priority.