A recent Houston Texans signing may make a bigger impact off the field rather than on

Danielle Hunter may prove to be worth the money simply by what he does off the field.
Houston Texans Mandatory Minicamp
Houston Texans Mandatory Minicamp / Tim Warner/GettyImages

The Houston Texans landed a true star in free agency with the signing of Danielle Hunter. The former Minnesota Vikings defensive end was dominant during his tenure up north, racking up four Pro Bowl births and an All-Pro nod in his nine seasons with the club. Despite his success with the club, he left Minnesota following a 16.5 sack season and joined up with the Houston Texans.

His arrival with the club got a lot of people excited. Not only is he still a top-tier talent, he's made all four of his Pro Bowls in the last six seasons, but he's joining a Texans squad that has one of the best young defensive ends in the league in Will Anderson Jr. The pairing could be one of the most intense in all of the NFL and few teams have two defensive ends this good.

That's why many people are celebrating Hunter's arrival in Houston, as not only is he a star in his own right, but the mentorship he could give Anderson could be truly game-changing. According to ESPNDJ Bien-Aime, Hunter is already mentoring Anderson.

If Hunter can raise Anderson's game to the next level, then the Texans will, presumably be set for the next decade. After all, the former Defensive Rookie of the Year proved his value in 2023 his first year in the league. He was arguably the best or second-best all-around defensive player on the team—someone who was a threat against the run, as much as he was against the pass.

While former Texans' defensive Jonathan Greenard did great rushing the quarterback, Anderson was a far better run-stopper. That's one of the reasons why Hunter is here, as he's an upgrade over Greenard. He should help the team succeed in both facets of the defense, which will only further improve this defense.

Yet, if Hunter can help raise Anderson's pass rush capabilities through a steady supply of mentorship, Anderson could take the next step into becoming a franchise great, who can help carry the defense for years to come. So if Hunter can have that type of influence on his young protege, then the contract given to the four-time Pro Bowler would have been worth it for that reason alone.