A former Super Bowl winner could help fortify the Houston Texans' lone weak spot on offense

The Houston Texans could add a major name, who's looking to bounce back after a down 2023.
Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans
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The Houston Texans are a team that has a lot to prove this season. They've added a host of big names this offseason, and most of them are expected to be huge additions to the team's production. The one major name, of all the major names, that I believe to be the biggest weak spot on the entire team is Joe Mixon.

Until I'm proven otherwise, which I'm open to being, I believe Mixon is one of the weakest starters on the entire team. He's been an average running back for the Cincinnati Bengals, but after years of wear and tear, declining production, and of course the march of time, I don't believe Mixon to be good enough anymore to be the lead back. The Texans did a great job improving the roster from top to bottom, yet, the running back spot is the one area on the team I feel they regressed at.

I believe the offensive line, with the holes that it has, is in better shape than the running back room. Mixon is a name, but he's not proven to be an elite player, and he's at the age where guys in his position decline. Dameon Pierce, the team's backup running back, had a terrible second year in the NFL. He's got as much to prove as Mixon, if not more, and he's got to do it while playing in his shadow.

If the worst happens to the position group, Mixon falls off and Pierce doesn't rebound, then the Texans may need to look elsewhere. One interesting name could be that of former Super Bowl winner Leonard Fournette. Fournette's looking to continue his career despite a down season with the Buffalo Bills.

He's not a great hand and has had his fair share of issues with carrying the ball, but if the Texans struggle to run the ball with Mixon and Pierce, the Texans shouldn't dismiss the prospect of giving him a shot. After all, they saw Devin Singletary have the best season of his pro career in Houston and he was long thought to be a backup, at best.

Adam Schefter posted today that Fournette wants to keep playing, despite a bad season in Buffalo, and as much as it may pain us to say, he may be an asset. If and only if, Mixon and Pierce struggle, Fournette could be a veteran presence who's capable of finishing the season out for the Texans.
For Fournette, he is a proven pass-catching option out of the backfield, something the Texans need.

He may not be an upgrade, he may be. The only reason we'd ever find out is if Mixon and Pierce both fail to improve the running game in 2024.