7 players that need to prove their worth during the offseason practices

The Houston Texans have some players who need to really up their offseason workouts.
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Henry To'oTo'o

The most disappointing player in 2023 was Henry To'oTo'o. Like with Juice Scruggs, To'oTo'o was a 2023 draft pick, who saw a lot of playing time. He played in 12 games and saw over 400 snaps at the linebacking position. Yet, despite his enormous workload, To'oTo'o was one of the least productive linebackers in the league, let alone on the Texans.

With the team now trying to replace Blake Cashman who went off to Minnesota to play for the Vikings, the Texans are going to need To'oTo'o as much as possible. That means, upping his game considerably to the point that he can start all 17 games if necessary and not having inconsistent performances throughout the season.

The more he played in 2023, the more he was exposed and the more we saw of him, the more we realized his fundamental issue is tackling. He struggled to lay the wood on ball-carriers and that's not something you want to have to hear as a linebacker. He is a bit small for a linebacker, just 6'1, 228 lbs, so maybe a little gym time will help him be a more productive tackler.

If he can't improve his tackling this season, he's not going to get a third year to improve.