7 players that need to prove their worth during the offseason practices

The Houston Texans have some players who need to really up their offseason workouts.
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Case Keenum

Case Keenum is in the back end of his career. Pushing 40, and not the same caliber player he was seven or so years ago, Keenum has become entirely expendable. His ties to the Houston area have helped him thrive, but that can't protect him forever. Eventually, people will wonder why the team is employing an aging, slow, noodle-arm of a quarterback, who can't win games when called upon. When that happens, people will wonder why he's still on the team.

I'm wondering that already and we haven't really even got into the meat and potatoes of the offseason practices yet. There's every possibility that Keenum gets not only replaced by Davis Mills as the team's starting backup quarterback but that the change could come before we even hit two days. It's entirely possible that Keenum just doesn't have it anymore and if that's the case, we may not need to wait until August to make the move to cut Keenum.

Mills deserves the spot behind C.J. Stroud, as he's played better over the last few seasons compared to Keenum, but for right now, Texans head coach DeMeco Ryans is fine with Keenum getting the nod over Mills. Hopefully, Mills can prove his worth in practices this summer.