7 players that need to prove their worth during the offseason practices

The Houston Texans have some players who need to really up their offseason workouts.
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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UTLITY Ben Skowronek

Getting Ben Skowronek from the Los Angeles Rams was a huge coup for the Texans. He's not only a solid slot receiver, but he's a good tackler and can play fullback as well. His value is in his versatility, and that's not something you can buy. This is the type of player that helps teams get over the humps. They may big plays on special teams, or come in and catch passes when guys get injured. Plus his ability to block allows you to carry more receivers over running backs.

In today's NFL, that's usually the preferred option. Why carry four backs when you can carry seven receivers? You'll rely on more receivers than running backs anyway, for the most part. And if Skowronek can not only catch and block, perhaps he can run the ball too?

The versatility of Skoronek is going to be interesting, but he has to first make the team. There's every possibility that Andy Beck keeps his fullback spot and that guys like Robert Woods outpace him in practice and drills. If he makes Skoronek look bad, or not on the same level, it'll be hard to justify cutting Woods for Skoronek. Considering those are the players Skoronek is competing with, he'll have to prove he's as good as both, not just one or the other.