7 players that need to prove their worth during the offseason practices

The Houston Texans have some players who need to really up their offseason workouts.
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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FB Andrew Beck

If only football wasn't such a copycat sport. The death of the fullback position has been one of the saddest aspects of the game's evolution. A long-desired position for many a youngster, there are only a handful of spots now in the NFL that go to fullbacks. The Houston Texans are one of those teams. They like themselves a fullback.

Yet, when push comes to shove, the team has a few guys who can fill that role. The Texans could use Dalton Schultz in an H-Back position, a throwback to the late-90s era NFL, or they could have Cade Stover come in and block out of the backfield. Tight ends have famously played the spot when needed, so why not again?

Not only are the tight ends up for consideration, but the Texans have Ben Skowronek now. If you're debating if you need a fullback in today's NFL, ask yourself one question; "Can anyone else do this job?" If the answer is no, then you need a fullback. Considering Skowronek has played fullback before at the NFL level and played it well, coupled with the abundance of tight ends the team carries, a pure fullback may no longer be necessary.

So to prove people wrong, Beck is going to have to really go full ham in drills and practices.