7 players that need to prove their worth during the offseason practices

The Houston Texans have some players who need to really up their offseason workouts.
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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The Houston Texans are gearing up for their 2024 campaign, where the hope is that the team will advance further in the playoffs in year two under DeMeco Ryans. The team has retooled its defensive line, improved (hopefully) its secondary, and has gone out of its way to bolster the offense by adding Stefon Diggs.

They've done all they could do, realistically, to not just be better, but be much better. The team is as packed to the gills with talent as it could be, and this team seems ready to take over the AFC. The top guys are set, we know that Diggs will catch passes from C.J. Stroud, while Tank Dell, Nico Collins, and Dalton Schultz will provide pass-catching acumen. The defense is anchored by Will Anderson and the newly acquired Danielle Hunter, while the secondary has seen a lot of turnover but Derek Stingley is there.

That said, what about the non-stars? What about the backup receivers or third-team defensive tackles? Some of them could end up being huge contributors for the 2024 season, but to get to that point they need to put in the work now. You don't see fall Sundays unless you're hauling butt on summer Mondays.

So which players among the Texans have the most work they have to do this offseason to not only get themselves ready for the preseason but to also vie for a spot on the team?