5 storylines to watch in Houston Texans' Week 1 matchup

Houston Texans
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The Houston Texans take on the Baltimore Ravens this week, to begin their 2023 season. They have a tough road to travel to open the season. The Ravens are expected to be one of the better teams in the AFC and could compete for the AFC North crown.

Can the Texans pull off the upset and start the season and the Coach Ryans era with a victory? They will be hard-pressed to do so but there are a lot of questions for both these teams that will be answered this week. Is the Ravens' new-look offense going to be successful with Lamar Jackson leading the attack with a whole new group of receivers?

The season does not rest on winning or losing in Week One but a good performance will go a long way towards building confidence, especially with rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud. The thing with playing quarterback in this league though, is it's not just the quarterback. He can only do so much if those around him aren't doing their job. Too much is placed on the quarterback in the NFL. Football is the ultimate team sport.

And that idea leads us to our top storylines for the Houston Texans' Week One against the Baltimore Ravens. We'll talk about what to look for from the Texans, from the quarterback to the coaching staff and everything in between.