5 reasons to be excited about the 2023 Houston Texans

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Duo of Dameon Pierce and Devin Singletary will be among the best

I'm going to say this all season long until it comes to fruition and when it does, I'm going to say I called it. The Houston Texans will have a top-ten rushing attack this season and will be a huge reason this team will compete within the division.

Pierce was nearly a 1,000-yard rusher last season as a rookie and would have achieved that milestone if not for a late-season injury. Singletary has consistently rushed for over 800 yards in multiple seasons and has been the RB1 in one of the NFL's top offenses over the last few years.

As long as the Texans' offensive line can open up some rushing lanes for these two, they will be a dominant force and give defenses trouble, which will help Stroud as well, as he can lean on the ground game and should help open up the passing game too.