3 reasons why the Houston Texans offensive line will be the “X” factor in 2023

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It cannot be stressed enough how important the offensive line is to the success of an offense. Fans have long been enamored with the skill position players and all eyes are glued to the quarterback as he drops back to throw and uncorks a bullet to his 4.3 receiver streaking down the field for six.

In those particular plays, the offensive line goes unnoticed. Fans don't recognize the great job the line did in communicating where the opposing defense was coming with a blitz or a double stunt, all they see are the skill position players. Unless of course, the quarterback is never able to get the pass off because he was immediately pressured up the middle, fans then turn their eyes to the offensive line.

Being a lineman in the NFL is arguably the most unheralded position on an NFL roster. No one really notices the complexities of the position or the cerebral requirements to dominate up front. But without those five manning the offensive line, the skill position players simply could not do their job.

David Carr, as all Texans' fans should remember, could not do his job because the line was terrible and it likely cost Carr his career. How many quarterbacks have come through the doors of an NFL team and failed because those in front of him failed?

So, what is it about the Houston Texans offensive line that makes them the X factor for the Texans' 2023 season? Let's jump into this idea and explore some reasons.