5 significant questions for the Houston Texans at quarterback

The Houston Texans made a huge investment in C.J. Stroud but there are still some questions about the position heading into the 2023 campaign
Houston Texans Rookie Minicamp
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4. Could the Texans get anything of significance for Davis Mills?

This next question will need to be asked only after the decision is made as to who is the primary No. 2. If Case Keenum ends up earning the job, the question gets asked as to whether or not they need Davis Mills.

Again, Mills is a much better quarterback than he gets credit for but his ceiling might be similar to Keenum's. Perhaps he's nothing more than a talented backup who can fill in when needed — or even be a bridge starter as he was during these past two seasons.

None of that is meant as a knock on Mills. Being a good backup in the NFL is a tough job and there aren't many out there that teams truly believe in. So that's why it would make sense for the Texans to see if anyone with a veteran quarterback — or a struggling one — would like to give up a decent draft pick for some security.

The Las Vegas Raiders, for example, are expected to start Jimmy Garoppolo in 2023. Jimmy G is a talented signal-caller but he's also injury prone. Behind him, the Raiders have Brian Hoyer and rookie Aidan O'Connell. The Denver Broncos are another team. They have Russell Wilson who was awful in 2022 and just Jarrett Stidham as their No. 2.

We can keep going as well, with the Minnesota Vikings another possibility since Mills would be an upgrade over Nick Mullens.

Simply put, there could be some value out there for Mills who could be gone after the next two seasons anyway.