5 significant questions for the Houston Texans at quarterback

The Houston Texans made a huge investment in C.J. Stroud but there are still some questions about the position heading into the 2023 campaign
Houston Texans Rookie Minicamp
Houston Texans Rookie Minicamp / Alex Bierens de Haan/GettyImages
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Following a frustrating 3-13-1 campaign, the Houston Texans enter 2023 with some new faces. They not only have a new head coach in DeMeco Ryans, but they also added a leader on either side of the line of scrimmage.

At No. 2 overall, they picked C.J. Stroud from Ohio State to be the quarterback of the future. They then traded up to No. 3, where they selected Will Anderson, Jr. from Alabama to be their primary pass rusher.

As for the quarterback position, let's take a deep dive into the three players they have under contract and look at four significant questions surrounding the position.

5. Who will be the Texans QB2?

Maybe we don't know who will start in Week 1 but the end goal is for C.J. Stroud to eventually take over. With that being the case, even if Davis Mills or Case Keenum start right away, their end game is QB2.

The question is — which one of these two should take on that role?

Mills is the younger option, entering year three in the NFL. He hasn't had a lot of success in terms of wins and losses (5-19-1) but he hasn't been bad at all. In 28 games with 26 starts, he's completed 63.6 percent of his attempts for 5,782 yards with 33 touchdowns and 25 picks.

As for Keenum, he's a 10-year veteran who started as an undrafted free agent with the Texans in 2013. He spent two years there and has since been the epitome of a journeyman — playing for six teams in eight years.

He might have more experience but Mills could be just as good — and is a whole lot younger. That makes this an interesting battle to watch unfold.