5 players most likely to be cut following the 2024 NFL Draft

The Houston Texans have promised to cut some players and we think these five are next.
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The Houston Texans have finalized their 2024 NFL Draft selections. The team added nine new players through the draft, making it very clear that at least nine prior names are going to be cut to make room for the new rookies. We're not sure who will be cut to make room for the new incoming players, but we know someone will be axed to make room.

Plus, while we're not sure who will be let go, we know it's going to happen. It's not a debatable topic, Houston Texans GM Nick Caserio has gone on record and said cuts are coming. They'll likely be the June 1 cuts that happen every year, but they're coming nonetheless The arrival of all this new talent will put pressure on the team to rid themselves of the older, slower players who have the more bloated contracts.

Sadly not every player who should be cut will be. The fact of the matter is that cutting players is not only about optimizing roster spots but cap flexibility. You could opt to cut an aging player with a bad contract, but if it costs you $10 million to keep him, but $11 million to cut him, why would you waste an extra $1 million to get rid of someone? If he's causing problems on the team, sure, but if he's not, try to coach him up and either wait until his contract becomes more friendly to end, or trade him if he raises his value.

So keep that in mind as we go through these five players. They're not the worst of the worst, they're just the most likely to be gone by June 2, 2024.