5 free agents The Houston Texans should sign

The Houston Texans should be active in Free Agency this year.
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Bryce Huff

Huff had a career-best season last year with the New York Jets, getting to the QB for 10 sacks and 21 QB hits. Huff may have played himself into a big contract on the open market, as Spotrac projects him to sign a four-year/$36.5 M deal. If they do lose Jonathan Greenard in Free Agency, Huff would be a very good replacement. At 25 years old, he and Will Anderson could be the pass rushers for the foreseeable future.

The Texans may be fighting for Huff's services with the Jets. GM Joe Douglas told the media that they won't place the franchise tag on Huff, but "ideally he's back", via the team's official website. The Texans could have a leg up on talks, though. They can offer a playoff team for a very, very long time, and have the chance to work with Will Anderson and a defensive guru at HC. The Jets have plenty of questions on their roster and coaching staff. Houston can offer him a level of consistency that the Jets can't.

Houston in recent memory, loves to have elite pass rushers side by side. From JJ Watt/Jadeveon Clowney, and most recently Jonathan Greenard/Will Anderson. If that's the case, Houston will be paying up to land a top pass rusher this year, whether it's Bryce Huff or Jonathan Greenard.