5 free agents The Houston Texans should sign

The Houston Texans should be active in Free Agency this year.

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Dalton Schultz

The Texans should bring back Dalton Schultz, and coming back should be in his best interest as well. Schultz really stepped up and looked very good last year when he was healthy. Schultz totaled 635 yards and five TDs on 59 receptions. But most importantly, he became a reliable target for CJ Stroud and somebody Schultz could go to if a play breaks down. Houston should keep that continuity to help Stroud continue to grow and become better in the league.

Schultz may be willing to take a hometown discount, but Spotrac projects him to sign a three-year/$34 M deal, or $11.3M annually. If that does happen, Schultz, who signed a one-year prove-it deal with Houston last year, would be up there with the best TEs in the league in terms of contract value.

When asked about his contract status recently, HC Demeco Ryans didn't provide much clarity on Dalton Schultz.

"Dalton did a really nice job for us in the passing game when we were in those two-minute drives where we were able to win a few games, Dalton really showed up," said Ryans. "Situational football. Third down. He showed up making big catches for us. We'll see what happens with Dalton in free agency, but I'm very proud of what he did for us last year.", Ryans told the media at the combine.

Schultz did miss two games last year with a PCL sprain that he injured in week two, and later aggravated again in week five. However, that didn't affect him at the end of the season, or the postseason.