5 free agents The Houston Texans should sign

The Houston Texans should be active in Free Agency this year.

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The Houston Texans should be active in Free Agency this year. After making it to the Divisional Round this past season with a rookie HC and QB, the Texans don't have many holes to fill to help them take the next step. But, where will they look to in Free Agency? They can't fix all their holes come March 11th, some will have to be filled through the draft as well. But with a high cap space number, they'll be able to add to a lot of positions. Let's take a look at some Free Agents they should bring in.

Darnell Mooney

Mooney had a good start to his career, totaling 1,055 yards and four TDs in his second season with the Chicago Bears. However, in the last two seasons, he became a non-factor in their offense. That can be attributed to a couple of different reasons. One could be in 2022, Justin Fields wasn't that great of a passer, and he couldn't succeed throwing the ball. Another, DJ Moore came to Chicago and took over that offense with Cole Kmet.

Whatever you want to attribute it to, Mooney is a good receiver, and in the right offense, should flourish again. The Texans seem to like their fast receivers a lot, and it showed last year with Tank Dell. Having another speedy weapon with Stroud's arm doesn't hurt, either. Dell might not be back to 100% at the beginning of the season, and having another player of his skillset will help the offense.

Spotrac projects Mooney's new contract to be four years/$41M, or $10.25M per season. That's a good number for someone of his talent, and he brings more depth to a WR room that is set to have two Free Agents hit the open market.