5 forgotten "star" quarterbacks who played for the Houston Texans

The Houston Texans have had some noteworthy names come play for them in the past.
Houston Texans vs San Francisco 49ers - Janauary 1, 2006
Houston Texans vs San Francisco 49ers - Janauary 1, 2006 / Robert B. Stanton/GettyImages
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The Houston Texans have had if we're being fair, three "good" quarterbacks in all of their history. They've had a lot of misses, as well. They've also had a lot of prominent names, who didn't make an impact whatsoever. We're being very loose with the idea of these five men being "stars" but they certainly had major name power at some point in their careers.

Honorable Mention: Ryan Fitzpatrick

So Ryan Fitzpatrick is landing here only because the team has had some Pro Bowl-caliber quarterbacks and Super Bowl-starting and winning quarterbacks on their roster. That's what we're looking at when discussing "star" players. Guys who came to the Texans after being a high draft pick, a top player in the league, or some other noteworthy player.

Of all the names on the list, no other quarterback played better for the Texans than Fitzpatrick. However, he was an undrafted, journeyman, who never went to the Pro Bowl, led a team to the playoffs, or was in any other way a highly vaunted player. While a far better quarterback for the Texans than anyone else on this list, he didn't have the initial name value when he arrived.

He's one of the most beloved quarterbacks of the modern era, but he's not someone who moved the popularity needle at any point before his landing in Houston. That said, he's a popular former player now and he's someone who has all of the NFL's respect. He put together a great career that most quarterbacks would die to have, and so we felt it was important to honor one of the better, more well-known quarterbacks the Texans have ever had. Some people have forgotten to play for them.