Believe it or not, the Houston Texans may draft a quarterback this year

The Houston Texans have the best young quarterback in the NFL so why would they draft another?
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

The Houston Texans have the best quarterback in the NFL who isn't even 23 years old yet. After a marvelous rookie season where he won the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award, Stroud's position on the team as its future was fortified even more so when the Texans went out and got Stefon Diggs to help bolster his shot at a Super Bowl.

So if Stroud is clearly the guy, why are the Houston Texans scouting rookie quarterbacks and even meeting with them this year? Is Stroud not really their guy?

Well for those that want to go down that rabbit hole, you now have a guy to focus on and learn more about in South Carolina quarterback Spencer Rattler. He visited with the Texans earlier this week, in what may be a precursor to his eventual arrival in Houston.

Now's the part of the article where we emphatically state that Rattler, whether he gets drafted or not, is not going to be replacing Stroud as the team's starter.

Before we even go off the deep end with tin foil hat nonsense, let's just be very clear, the Texans, like most NFL teams, carry more than one quarterback and if the Cleveland Browns of 2023 proved anything, it's that you need at least two good quarterbacks on your roster. You need more than one quality player at the position and Rattler's potential arrival doesn't mean that the team doesn't have faith in Stroud.

It means they don't have faith in Case Keenum and Davis Mills. Rattler is a good prospect, but one that I wouldn't take a high draft pick on to replace Keenum or Mills. Firstly, I believe Mills is a good backup, secondly, Rattler is seen as a third-rounder, and the Texans have far more pressing needs than a backup quarterback who wouldn't be ready to compete for a season or two.

Rattler would be best served going to a different team where he could be a backup for a bit. The Texans would be smarter to run with Mills as Stroud's backup and not focus on trying to land a vaunted prospect like Rattler. At least not in the first four rounds. If he falls to round five or lower, sure, but not in the third.