5 dream scenarios we're hoping the Houston Texans can manifest into reality

The Houston Texans should try and pull off these five massive moves to enrich the team this season.

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3. Trade for Hassan Riddick

Hassan Riddick has made a name for himself with the Philadelphia Eagles as a great pass-rusher from the linebacking position, able to amass double-digit sacks on a regular basis. The schemes that the Texans run aren't that similar to the Eagles, but the Texans could still use Riddick as a blitzing linebacker/defensive end hybrid.

Riddick is a three-down linebacker, and could easily play closer to the line of scrimmage while Blake Cashman and Christian Harris can give you the coverage you need to keep offenses honest. On downs where it's obvious they're going to run, play him back with his linebacking brethren, but on obvious passing downs, let him pin his ears back and let him chase down the opposing quarterback.

The idea is to have him play behind Jonathan Greenard and Will Anderson Jr., while maybe having Derek Barnett lineup as a small defensive tackle, maybe in the three or five-technique, and have the four of them serve as your primary pass rushers.

Getting Riddick won't be easy, or cheap but if you can rework his contract, to go to the back end, and only give up a second-rounder, you'd be able to add a difference-maker to the team.