5 dream scenarios we're hoping the Houston Texans can manifest into reality

The Houston Texans should try and pull off these five massive moves to enrich the team this season.
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1. Re-sign a few key players

The Houston Texans have cap space to play with this season, but not as much as advertised. The team is going to need to step up and sign a few key players who were a part of the success in 2023, as they can't just hope to spend money on a few big names and leave these spots vacant, only to be filled in with third and fifth-round picks.

The Texans have to re-sign Jonathan Greenard, the team's sack leader from 2023, as well as Blake Cashman, arguably the team's best defensive player this season. Both men were key parts to the team's turnaround on defense, and losing one, if not both men would set the roster back catastrophically. These aren't the kind of guys you can just replace.

The team should also consider re-signing Devon Singletary, regardless of what they do in free agency. The Texans got a lot out of Singletary, and even if returns to a backup spot on the depth chart, the Texans would still be wise to give him 10-15 carries a game, regardless of who else joins the roster.

Dalston Schultz, for the right price, should also be considered.

Lastly, re-signing Steven Nelson, Tavierre Thomas, and Derek Barnett needs to be a priority. The team can focus on safety, offensive line, and defensive tackle in the draft, but they can't afford to let these trio of guys, who admittedly are rotational pieces at best, leave. They add too much depth at a reasonable price to just let them leave.