5 current rookies with the best chances of starting for the Houston Texans

The Houston Texans could have a lot of youth on the field in 2024.
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2. OT Blake Fisher

The Houston Texans offensive line, despite what some may argue, was one of the worst-performing units in the NFL last season. They allowed 38 sacks on C.J. Stroud and had one of the worst-performing offensive ground games. The running backs for the Houston Texans did not look great, with Devin Singletary being the best performer in the backfield. The blocking was so bad that Dameon Pierce, a 900-yard rusher from the year before, looked like a shell of his former self in only year two.

With Tytus Howard likely to start again at right tackle, the Texans need to see a major leap in his play for 2024. He was oft-injured in 2023 and when he was healthy, he wasn't playing well. Granted, some of that had to do with him playing all over the offensive line at times. Many people hope that a return to right tackle will see him return to form, but that may not be the case. Howard only had one "good" year, in 2022, and the rest of his body of work would lead us to believe that he isn't up to the caliber needed to push for the playoffs.

George Fant started in his spot last year, while Howard slid to guard, but with Juice Scruggs now penicled in at that guard spot, Shaq Mason having a solid season in 2023, and now the arrival of Fisher, we could be seeing the end of Howard in Houston. If Fisher can come in and start at right tackle, which I think is far more likely than not to happen, then Howard's tenure could be cut short. The team will likely keep Howard just in case the team isn't too happy with their depth situation, but it's far more likely that he'll be on the bench sooner rather than later.