5 bold Houston Texans predictions for the 2023 NFL Draft

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Texans draft two late round quarterbacks

I know, I know, I know, no bold punter or kicker selections? Disappointing. But I'll do ya one better and make a bold prediction that follows my initial one. Not only will Houston skip a first-round QB, but they will take two late-round quarterbacks.

We all know the Brock Purdy success story, and maybe that leads the Texans to attempt a look at a QB in the late rounds. But double dipping? Yeah, totally. I mean, Caserio has always been open to drafting late-round quarterbacks and DeMeco Ryans comes with the same background. Plus, they have already gone on record as saying they wanted to add quarterbacks to the team.

I am also living with the assumption that the Texans ownership does not plan to have Davis Mills around at the start of next season. So far, only OC Bobby Slowik has managed to physically say Davis' name in a press conference.

My money is on the Texans surprising us all and taking a QB either at the top of the fourth round (Dorian Thompson-Robinson anyone?) as well as in the sixth round. There has been some steam building up surrounding Dorian Thompson-Robinson and we discussed him as a sleeper. I would imagine a high-upside project quarterback such as himself to be the selection here.