5 bold predictions for Houston Texans final preseason game

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C.J. Stroud will finally throw his first NFL touchdown pass

Stroud had an opportunity last week to throw a touchdown not only once but twice. Both times his pass was way off target, which resulted in a turnover on downs. In Week One, he was never really that close and didn't play particularly well. Coach Ryans pulled him from the game pretty early, whether by design or fear his rookie quarterback would get hurt, due to his offensive line's lackluster performance.

I won't go as far as predicting who catches that first touchdown pass but regardless, I guess that Stroud will want to hold onto the game ball and put that one up on a shelf. But hopefully, it'll be the first of many for him.

This will be Stroud's last chance to build his chemistry with his receivers and would be great if he could get that first one this weekend. He won't say this but I'm sure he's itching to get that first touchdown in the NFL, and it will only help build his confidence heading into the start of the NFL season.