5 Blessings the Houston Texans will celebrate this Thanksgiving

Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans
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Houston Texans Thanksgiving Blessing #2: Strong Performances from LB & CB Core

Impressive offensive performances keep the Texans in the headlines. Fans are thrilled with C.J. Stroud's performances. The media will not hesitate to give him well-deserved flowers. Matt Burke's defense deserves a round of applause. They keep games in reach for Slowik's group and close the door on late-game opportunities. Victories against the Bengals and Saints displayed glimpses of championship focus. Burke's group stood tall in the defining moments to secure a win.

Improvement is the name of the game for Houston's defense. They've worked diligently to develop a respected reputation. It will be a waste to tarnish their efforts. This season, the Texans rank 10th in coverage (82.8) and 19th in defensive grading (69.6). Blake Cashman (87.3), Will anderson Jr. (77.5) and Tavierre Thomas (78.1) lead the group in grading heading into Week 12. They've been anchors on the defense and dominate on the gridiron.

Houston Texans Thanksgiving Blessing #1: QB, C.J Stroud

First-round picks are not always successful. There are plenty of franchises still recovering from busted draft selections. This will not be an issue for the Houston Texans, thanks to C.J. Stroud. The former Ohio State Buckeye was the second quarterback selected in April but ranks first compared to quarterbacks in his class. Passing yards (2,962), completions (62.8), and pass grading (80.9) categories belong to Stroud. He's performed well on the field and leads his team to new heights.

Finishing the season strong is the focus for Houston's first-year gunslinger. He's exceeded expectations and has time to add to his legacy. A stellar performance against the Jacksonville Jaguars is first on the to-do list. The Texans need a win to make up ground in the divisional standings. Stroud is the right quarterback to complete the mission.

Thanksgiving is a time when communities gather together and share good memories. Houston Texans fans have a plethora of good replays to watch after an impressive start to the campaign. A strong finish to the season will be the perfect crust on a warm pumpkin pie.

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