The 5 best quarterbacks the Houston Texans will face in 2023

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Fortunately for the Houston Texans, they won't be facing the likes of Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, or Jalen Hurts. That doesn't mean they won't be facing some of the league's top quarterbacks though. The Texans have certainly upgraded their defense, at least on paper but we'll have to wait until September to see just how much they've improved.

A recent article was published discussing what the national media is saying about the Texans' secondary. They will be tested this season but it's very likely to be a strength of this team in 2023, with the addition of Jimmie Ward, the continued improvement of Jalen Pitre and the return of Derek Stingley Jr.

But when you add in the pass rush the Texans hope to get from Will Anderson Jr., suddenly it seems the pass defense won't be as big a concern as maybe the run defense; however, the Texans have made some upgrades there too.

The Houston Texans will no doubt be tested by teams in 2023, who will attack their secondary and see if Stingley is the corner the Texans thought he could be when they drafted him with the third overall pick of the 2022 NFL Draft.

Stingley is the key to the Texans' secondary. We know what we will get from free agent acquisition Ward and Pitre showed he can play at this level as a rookie. Stingley's rookie season was up and down, as is most rookies but his season was cut short due to injury. So his development will be key for the Texans' defense in 2023 as they get ready to face these quarterbacks, who we've ranked as the top-five the Texans will see this season.