4 players who won their position battles in Texans Preseason

Houston Texans
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4. Juice Scruggs

The offensive line has been very inconsistent and light in depth but the most consistent of them all was Juice Scruggs who has been making a name for himself since training camp with his great leadership skills and great work ethic.

He brings a quick punch and holds his assignments well. He can play guard and center well but seems to lockdown nose tackles with ease and can help give more time in the pocket for Stroud to throw. Now I will admit he's struggled a little bit in the run but shows he can get the second level and stop linebackers.

He's a very intelligent player as he understands how to switch players to other linemen and read stunts or different blitzes by defenses. He will be a star and a great anchor for a struggling and thin offensive line group.

With an unfortunate injury to veteran Scott Quessenberry, Scruggs's lock on the starting job is ultimately secure. The Texans will be looking to the rookie to stabilize the interior of the offensive line, something that has sorely been lacking in recent seasons.

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