4 initial reactions to the Houston Texans' final 53-man roster

Houston Texans
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Only eight offensive linemen remained on the final roster

I was surprised the team only kept eight but Kenyon Green was added to the reserve/injured list and would be the ninth offense lineman. So, we'll have to wait and see if this group remains the same after he returns. With the addition of Josh Jones and Kendrick Green, the Texans are clearly trying to build their depth and possibly adding a new starter.

2023 free agent signing, Michael Deiter doesn't make the roster

The Texans are reworking their offensive line quite a bit and releasing Michael Deiter was a little bit of a shock, given his flexibility of playing both center and guard but in the end, he apparently wasn't what the team wanted. The addition of Kendrick Green basically replaces Deiter, as he has also played both center and guard and will probably back up Juice Scruggs.

Don't be surprised if they make more moves too. whether on the offensive line or elsewhere. Houston has over $15 million in cap space, so they have the money to sign others, or they could sit on the cap space and save it for year's free agency class.

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