5 players on the Houston Texans roster who will surprise in 2023

Houston Texans
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The Houston Texans aren't expected to win many games this coming season and some say they are they will be the worst team in the league. For me, I don't believe they'll be the worst and while I do believe they will win more this season than last, I don't expect many more than six or seven wins.

That's not a knock on the team. They have done a fine job of building this roster through free agency, the draft, and trades. They seem to be doing things the right way, with a good mix of youthful talent and veteran leadership.

For this team to continue their upward trajectory, they need some guys to step up in 2023. Some guys have been here for a few years but some of these rookies too. If the team can get solid contributions from some of the younger players and a breakout season or two from some of the young vets, these guys might pull off an upset or two.

It seems every year there is a group of players that exceed all expectations throughout the NFL and the hope is for the Texans they have one or two of those guys. I've listed five players here that I think could be potential breakout stars or exceed expectations, even from the Houston fanbase.