4 Houston Texans we hope the team cuts or trades this offseason

Some guys just need to go and we think these four Houston Texans are those types of guys.
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RB Dameon Pierce

Trading Dameon Pierce makes all the sense in the world. He can save you nearly $1 million, and you know he's not exactly a great running back. There was a night and day difference between Pierce and Devin Singeltary. Singletary could run behind a below-average offensive line, but Pierce cannot. The Texans need to upgrade the line, yes, but they're also looking to upgrade the running back position.

Saquon Barkley is constantly being linked to the Texans and it's likely if they bring him in, they'll want to bring in a few other guys who play similarly to him. Guys who can bust out big plays, catch passes out of the backfield, and really expand the scope of the offense. That's not Pierce. He's a guy who's never hit 1,000 yards from scrimmage in his collegiate and pro days, let alone 1,000 yards rushing the ball.

He's someone who really didn't have the upside many thought he could, and he's just an average player at the moment. If the team is going to land Barkley, then they need to draft a player who has similar trait to Barkley, as well as potentially signing one; that way they don't need to dramatically change the play selection when Barkley is out.