4 Houston Texans we hope the team cuts or trades this offseason

Some guys just need to go and we think these four Houston Texans are those types of guys.

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OL Kenyon Green

Kenyon Green was so bad as a rookie, we're surprised he was brought back at all. Yes, like with Tytus Howard before him, Green is a former first-round pick, but like Howard before him, he's not very good. He's not a guy that has shown, so far, to be a good blocker. He's arguably one of the worst players on the roster and the worst part about evaluating him is that he missed all of 2023 due to an injury.

So he had one horrific year as a starter and one year he was unable to make it to the field. That's not a good sign. The Texans need to overhaul their offensive line plans and Green shouldn't be in the conversation for a starting job. The team needs to get four brand new starters and start fresh around Laremy Tunsil. The Texans stuck with too many poor performers this past season, many of whom should either be backups or on a different roster.

Green is one of them. You can give him "time" if you'd like, but the Texans have a window to perform above everyone's expectations and they just don't have time to see if a former first-rounder can actually get good. If the line was in better shape, maybe. It's not, however, and no one deserves a starter spot, let alone a roster spot, just because they were a first-rounder and may have potential.