4 Houston Texans we hope the team cuts or trades this offseason

Some guys just need to go and we think these four Houston Texans are those types of guys.

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OL Tytus Howard

We're allowed to be the ones who say it, right? Tytus Howard isn't a good player? Sure, he looked good in 2022, but in every other year, he's either been below average or outright bad. Now, you can get by with a player the caliber of Howard on your team if he's a backup. He's making $14-$17.5 million per year over the next three years, he's making about $12.5 million too much to be a backup.

Moving on from Howard is going to be tough right now, admittedly. You can save $5 million by trading him before June 1, and you can save $14 million by trading him after. Considering how bad he is, an extra $14 million isn't a chump change. The Texans could use that to get three new offensive linemen.

His, getting the deal he did, will forever be one of the more confusing moves that the Texans have ever made. He's not a good pass blocker, and he's a horrid run blocker. Want to know why the offense struggled this year when they tried to run the ball before Devin Singletary? Look at Howard.

Admittedly, he'll likely get cut next season when the team may need to make some more cap room, but we're hoping that they trade him this year.